Curry Financials LLC is a financial coaching company dedicated to helping youth and adults gain the financial literacy needed to build their credit and personal wealth.


To educate parents and young adults on the basics of credit, budgeting and saving.


For families to embrace financial literacy, end generational poverty and establish generational wealth. 


To achieve our mission and vision, we focus on 2 main objectives:

  1. Prevention - a proactive approach for youth and young adults to gain financial literacy.

  2. Repair & Building - financial literacy for adults who need to establish, repair or maintain their credit.


What We Do

We cultivate a culture that makes financial literacy fun, cool and engaging!


Students & parents learn and practice the most important components of credit to help them achieve 700+ credit scores.

Youth will participate in activities that will allow them to experience how the real credit world operates.

Parents will learn strategies to fix or strengthen their scores, while also establishing their child’s score. (You read that right,,,, there are ethical ways to build your child’s credit score :-)


We educate families on the importance of consistently utilizing and revising their budget.

Youth budgets may include basketball games, school supplies, candy, chips, etc.

Adult budgets may include bills, groceries, gas, parking ticket, vacation, etc.


We assist clients in adopting healthier savings habits. 

Youth may save for items such as a phone case, gym shoes, senior dues, etc.

Parents are empowered to save more aggressively, however, we begin with a realistic/affordable amount. 

our services

We currently provide two formats to meet your financial coaching needs!

One-on-One Coaching

1-on-1 coaching sessions are perfect for people that want hands-on support to improve their financial health.

Program Details

Our 1-on-1 financial coaching features private consulting with our lead coach. The program includes 6 monthly sessions (one session per month) that will:

  1. Help clients develop personalized financial plans that are tailored to their financial needs and goals.
  2. Teach clients how to understand and analyze their credit, develop a budget and savings habits, and improve and maintain their credit score.

We provide both in-person and virtual sessions to reach clients near and far. Though we recommend taking all 6 sessions for maximum results, it is not required.


Group Workshops

Group workshops are great for accountability partners that are ready to kickstart their financial makeovers.

Program Details

Our group workshops include 3 monthly sessions that teach clients how to understand and analyze their credit, develop a budget and savings habits, and improve and maintain their credit.

Groups workshops may include a maximum of 10 participants. Though we recommend taking all 3 workshops for maximum results, it is not required.




Before services are rendered, each client will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to abide by our compensation terms. A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking, and the remaining balance is due upon completion of the session (this does not apply to the free consultation session). Please read below for specific pricing information.

One on One Sessions

Initial consultation FREE (15mins)

Six sessions (one per month) recommended, but not required.
Sessions may last up to an hour


$25 for every additional 30 minutes 

Group Workshops

Silver Package

Three sessions (one per month) recommended, but not required. Sessions may last up to two hours.

Up to 10 people: $150/workshop

$50 for every additional 30 minutes


Gold Package

One session, which will last up to six hours! We'll cover everything in one day! It'll be super engaging, I promise!

Up to 10 people: $350

$40 for every additional 30 minutes

Cancellation Policy

All clients must call and cancel their session or workshop 24 hours prior to their appointment time, or the following policies will apply:

One-on-One Sessions
1st Cancellation: Free
2nd Cancellation: $10 fee
3rd Cancellation: $15 fee and possible termination of contract

1st Cancellation: $25
2nd Cancellation: $50
3rd Cancellation: $100 fee and possible termination of contract

Before services are rendered, each client will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to abide by our compensation terms.

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Are you ready to live comfortably and stop living paycheck to paycheck?

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To book a regular session or workshop, please use the booking feature below. A 50% deposit is due at time of booking a regular session/workshop. Remaining balance due upon completion of the session.

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Meet the ceo


Breana Curry

Founder, CEO

& Lead Financial Coach

When I moved to Atlanta March 2016 it was a leap of faith. I didn’t have a job or a place to stay, but one thing I did have was a plan. After submitting what felt like a million applications March - June and never hearing anything back I was finally connected to the United Way of Greater Atlanta, which was a non-profit I genuinely wanted to work for. I became a financial coach for the their veterans program. I thought it was just an opportunity to get me in the door and help pay the bills. I had no idea it would turn into a business because finances was not my thing but I grew to love it. I helped formerly homeless veterans increase their income, repair their credit, and learn how to budget &  save. After working with them and hearing their testimonies I was able to see the difference it made when a person learns the art of money management. Check out a few of the testimonials below.

Curry Financials is different from similar businesses because we focus on educating our clients. Similar businesses, especially those with a credit component, take pride in “fixing your credit.” I’m not a credit repair lady. My mission is to educate you on how your credit score is calculated, how to make it increase, what will make it decrease, etc. After we’re done you will know how to fix credit yourself.

It's now or never.

Be the change agent in your family that strengthens the legacy.



At Curry Financials, clients' experience is the most important part of our work. Check out some testimonials from our amazing clients.

Breana’s professionalism is awesome. Her technique is impeccable, it motivates you to save. When I started working with Breana my credit was in the 500’s and one year later it is in the 700’s and its steady rising.
To the next client: If you want someone who will give not 101% but 1000% she will give you all she’s got, just follow her protocol.

Breana puts people before profits.
— S. Bracy (US Army Veteran)
Working with Breana was like talking to a friend. She was very professional but she talked ‘to’ me and not ‘at’ me. No matter what education level you may be she will make finance simple. She opened my eyes to the importance of being financially literate.
To the next client: Be honest, set a goal, listen to her and she will surely help you out.
— F. Poinsette (US Army Veteran)
I learned so much. She was knowledgable on every issue we dealt with. We made a really good plan and we followed it. We worked on credit issues and got so many things off of my credit report. My credit was really really bad but working with Breana has my credit going in the right direction.”
To the next client: Listen to her and don’t be afraid to let her know your whole situation. I would give her a 5 star rating. I would recommend her to everyone.
— W. Patterson (US Army Veteran)
I really felt Breana’s passion during our sessions! She helped me meet all of my financial goals, while also making me feel like I mattered. She didn’t just throw me in a file of forgotten names - she made me feel like my success was important to her!
— Bereal Gee (US Army Veteran)
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