At Curry Financials LLC, our clients' experience is the most important part of our work. Check out some testimonials for our amazing clients.

I learned so much. She was knowledgable on every issue we dealt with. We made a really good plan and we followed it. We worked on credit issues and got so many things off of my credit report. My credit was really really bad but working with Breana has my credit going in the right direction.”
To the next client: Listen to her and don’t be afraid to let her know your whole situation. I would give her a 5 star rating. I would recommend her to everyone.
— W. Patterson (US Army Veteran)
Breana’s professionalism is awesome. Her technique is impeccable, it motivates you to save. When I started working with Breana my credit was in the 500’s and one year later it is in the 700’s and its steady rising.
To the next client: If you want someone who will give not 101% but 1000% she will give you all she’s got, just follow her protocol.

Breana puts people before profits.
— S. Bracy (US Army Veteran)
Working with Breana was like talking to a friend. She was very professional but she talked ‘to’ me and not ‘at’ me. No matter what education level you may be she will make finance simple. She opened my eyes to the importance of being financially literate.
To the next client: Be honest, set a goal, listen to her and she will surely help you out.
— F. Poinsette (US Army Veteran)
I really felt Breana’s passion during our sessions! She helped me meet all of my financial goals, while also making me feel like I mattered. She didn’t just throw me in a file of forgotten names - she made me feel like my success was important to her!
— Bereal Gee (US Army Veteran)